About Lee Ann

Lee Ann is a professional tarot card reader and teacher of practical magick, living in Greensboro, North Carolina. 


Lee Ann's  love affair with tarot began in 1993, while living in the Florida Keys. She wanted to know the meaning of what she describes as an unspoken, timeless language. 

After moving to Greensboro, NC in 2003, Lee Ann began reading tarot professionally at a local metaphysical shop, Eclectic by Nature. Lee Ann’s passion for tarot and practical magick led to teaching various workshops, and finally creating her own business. 

In 2009 Lee Ann moved to Asheville, where she continued to do what she loves best in the world, teach tarot and practical magick. This lead to several collaborative projects in the area such as organizing the first Mystic Bazaar at local metaphysical shop, A Far Away Place. In 2013 she was invited to appear on local television news station to discuss tarot and how it works. She eventually became Director of Services at Asheville Intuitives before relocating to Michigan in 2014. 

In Michigan Lee Ann began reading tarot cards at the Boston Tea Room in Wyandotte, and eventually the Ferndale location. There she was fortunate enough to connect with other experienced readers and spiritual teachers, before eventually moving back to Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Her Reading Style

Lee Ann's preferred form of divination is Tarot, which she sometimes blends with numerology. She combines her expert knowledge of the cards with the gift of intuition to give honest, clear, insightful readings. She reads from a place of honest intuition, reading only what she sees, leaving no room for dramatic ad-libbing, emotional manipulation or nonsense, allowing her to delve into the deeper meanings of one's life so that real and positive changes can be made.

Her Mission

Ultimately, Lee Ann’s mission is to help others along their path, so they can live fulfilling, authentic lives.  She feels that Tarot and Magick are amazing tools to be used for spiritual growth and self-empowerment. She loves being able to get this across to people. 


From Tarot Readings to Magical Workshops, Lee Ann offers a variety  services locally and from a distance. She offers an array of different workshops throughout the year, such as Tarot for Beginners, Elements of Magick, Meditation, Creating Your Altar, and more. 

Tarot is how I think, Magick is what I do.


Lee Ann offers Tarot card readings every Friday at Eclectic by Nature from 11 am until 7 pm. However, you may wish to call ahead...just in case. To schedule an appointment in advance contact the shop directly at 336.373.0733. 

If you live in Greensboro and are interested in magick or tarot classes visit the Events page for more information regarding upcoming classes.