Private Lessons

If you are interested in learning Tarot but are unable to attend upcoming Tarot Workshops by Lee Ann, or if you prefer learning on an individual, one on one level, versus a classroom or group setting, Lee Ann also offers private Tarot tutoring in the Greensboro area.


You'll need a 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper, writing instruments, and a tarot deck. A tarot deck based on or modeled after the Rider-Waite deck is preferred deck of study but not mandatory. I actually recommend a study deck, as well as a deck that inspires and/or speaks to you for further exploration and divination purposes. 

For additional information or to sign up for private Tarot lessons please contact Lee Ann directly.

Private Tutoring Fees

The first initial private lesson with Lee Ann is $35 per hour.  The first introductory session typically takes about two hours, in which case the cost will be $70 per person. After the first initial session you may schedule by the hour or longer in the future. 

Bring a study buddy! 

Having a study partner is wonderful way to learn tarot, enhancing the overall experience of your tarot journey.  The hourly cost for two people is significantly lower. Even lower for three! For more information contact me directly. 

Private Classes: In the event that you have four or more people interested in scheduling a private Tarot Foundations Introductory class (typically $165), the cost  would be $125 per person. Learn more!