Moon Magick Workshop

From ancient times our ancestors knew that their affairs were influenced by nature's cycles. Being aware of the moon cycles and the earth's seasonal changes has always been important to us. The ancients choose to focus the lunar energy on their goals and objectives and these traditional concepts are still used in modern times for goal setting and self-empowerment.

The moon has always seemed a mysterious and powerful force to people everywhere. She moves with the tides and guides the flow of magical energies. The Moon is the astronomical body closest to us and, therefore, she has a profound influence upon us. Learning her ways, we can make our own magick join with Hers. Successful magick depends on many factors. One of the most obvious things to consider is the timing of your spells and rituals with the phases of the Moon. In this workshop we will discuss how knowing the moon phases can help you plan and prepare for change, new beginnings and endings. Rituals can be enhanced by using the moon and its cycles for specific purposes. Having a goal and being aware of the atmosphere you wish to create can greatly affect the outcome of your rituals, as well as your daily life.

In this two hour workshop, you'll learn how working with the moon's energy increases your own personal power and supports your intention. Discover how celebrating the phases of the moon can have a profound effect on your spirituality. Information sheets will be provided by instructor but feel free to take notes!

Class fees vary depending on the venue. To offer magical workshops from your establishment or special event, please contact Lee Ann via email or call her directly at 336.543.0834.  For information regarding upcoming classes in area see the Events page on this site. 


Moon Magick

When: Sunday, Oct. 20th, 5-7 pm

Location: Greensboro, NC (contact Lee Ann for more information).

Class Fee: $35

If you would like to register within twenty-four hours of the scheduled class, please contact me directly and I will do my best to accommodate you.