Love Enchantments Workshop

Love, Passion, Romance & Sexuality! Venus, originally a Roman goddess of blossoms, hearts, and flowers, has slowly become more well-known for her loving, passionate energies. In fact, her name became the root for the word venerate - to lift up, worship, or esteem. So it is that Venus greets pre-spring efforts for uplifting our hearts with positive relationships, self-love, universal love and divine beauty.

Whether it be romantic love, friendship or self-love, in this workshop we will discuss various ways to celebrate love, romance and beauty, while connecting with the glamour goddess within as a form self-empowerment and self-expression. You will learn how to create amazingly simple love potions, charms, attraction bath salts, oils and brews. Discover which foods, herbs and spices delight, tantalize and enhance the energy of love, sensuality, sexuality, beauty and attraction. Find out how to charge food with love before serving it to that special someone. Discover which Goddess of Love you identify with most, while learning how to connect with her energy as we discuss the various Goddesses from cultures around the world. Celebrate your capacity to love by honoring the goddess within and the benefits of this will flow into all areas of your life. 

Class fees vary depending on the venue. To offer magical workshops from your establishment or special event, please contact Lee Ann via email or call her directly at 336.543.0834.  For information regarding upcoming classes in area see the Events page on this site. 


Love Enchantments

When: Thursday, April 25th, 6-8 pm

Location: Greensboro, NC (contact Lee Ann for more information).

Class Fee: $35

If you would like to register within twenty-four hours of the scheduled class, please contact me directly and I will do my best to accommodate you.