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Circle Casting 3 Week Series

Before doing any magical work, ritual, healing or spell casting it is always a good idea to create or prepare a magical space. Circle casting is one of the most fundamental rituals a new Witch can learn. A sacred circle plays a significant role in containing and intensifying magical energies, as well as keeping out potential unwanted little nasties, like hostile psychic entities and negative energies.

In this 3 week workshop we will cover general magical preparation, such as self-preparation, cleansing the area, and casting circle. We will practice raising energy and basic spell casting, as well as the ritual of cakes and ale.

Things to Know

Class participation is a fundamental aspect of this workshop, so plan on raising some energy and doing a little spell casting. Informative handouts and worksheets will be provided each week and a minimal amount of homework may be expected.

The circle casting rituals in this workshop are physically interactive. At least two out of three classes require standing, bending, kneeling and sitting on a hardwood floor. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the physical aspect of this workshops, please contact the instructor before registering for this workshop.

This is a small class, requiring a four 4 person minimum and only allows 5 - 6 people maximum. Student commitment and participation is crucial. If you cannot commit to all three classes of the Circle Casting series, please do not register for this workshop.

The cost of this 3 week workshop, instructed by Lee Ann Donaldson, is $75.00 per person.

Space is limited so please register in advance. If you have any questions, or to learn more regarding payment options or the Return Student Discount please contact Lee Ann at 336.543.0834. 

When booking online, appointments must be scheduled at least twenty-four hours in advance. If you need to schedule something within twenty-four hours, feel free to contact me directly by phone or email, and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

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