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Divination with Tarot Workshop

People have always been fascinated by divination, prophecy and the future. While we may fear it a little, we still want to know. We may seek the aid of a gifted Intuitive, AKA "Psychic", with the ability to see into our lives and future, but why not learn to read tarot cards for yourself and others? Divination with Tarot is an interactive workshop, designed to help you develop your own personal divination skills. Tarot cards tell a story and in this workshop you learn how to put the basic meanings of the cards together in a way that make sense to you and others.

Information sheets will be provided by the instructor but you may wish to bring instruments for taking notes. You will need to bring your own personal tarot deck for this class. Having a basic knowledge of tarot will be helpful for this workshop, as this class is designed to help you learn how to do readings based on what you already know about the cards. Class participation is a fundamental aspect of this workshop so expect more than a little card play. 

Class fees vary depending on the venue. To offer magical workshops from your establishment or special event, please contact Lee Ann via email or call her directly at 336.543.0834.  For information regarding upcoming classes in area see the Events page on this site. 


Divination with Tarot

When: To Be Announced 

Location: Greensboro, NC (contact Lee Ann for more information). 

Class Fee: $30

If you would like to register within twenty-four hours of the scheduled class, please contact me directly and I will do my best to accommodate you.