Distant Readings

From across the distance, Lee Ann can deliver your tarot card reading electronically via email. Because they are so versatile, tarot card readings are appropriate for just about any situation, and a distant tarot reading can be just as powerful as visiting a tarot reader in person. Distant Readings are personal handwritten reports, individual to you.  They are a wonderful way to reflect upon your reading in your own way, on your own time, at your own pace. You can look back on it whenever you want. To get a better visual, Distant Readings  include Tarot images as well. 

Things you should know...

In order to deliver an accurate and insightful reading, I must be able to connect with the client. For a distant or phone reading to be successful, it is helpful for me to know some basic information about the person I'm doing the reading for, such as name and date of birth. Very often I will look at a person's numerology and astrological information, in which case know the client's date of birth is imperative. Depending on the reading, I may ask for the names and birthdays of friends and family members. This is all done to establish a stronger connection with the individual so I can better see what I need to see regarding the person and situation. Again, the goal is to reveal as much information as I possibly can. Being open and honest about your situation, as well as what you are truly looking for is the first step toward to a true and insightful reading.

If yours is a relationship question with a person, please give the first name of the other person (and if possible their sign and/or date of birth) and their general relationship to you. If it is a relationship with a company or establishment, please give the name or purpose of the establishment, and your general relationship to them. Keep in mind that a relationship can be between yourself and another person, job, a company, establishment, an idea or even between your body and mind. The focus is to analyze where the relationship is now, where it is likely to be heading and give you advice on how to improve the relationship.

All distant tarot card readings will be delivered digitally via email within 2 - 3 business days from the date of purchase, often times much sooner.

Cancellation Policy: I allow an 8 hour "buyer's remorse" window for distant reading orders, in which case you will need to cancel your order within 8 hours of the original purchase time stamp. Deposits are non-refundable beyond 8 hours of your original purchase.

Rates Varies Depending On The Length And/Or How Involved The Reading Is. You Can Begin By Selecting The Reading Of Your Choice Below.

Standard Distant Reading

The Standard Distant Reading works if you have a specific questions or if you would just like general insight and advice regarding various areas of your life. Tarot images included in report.

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Basic Tarot Reading

If you have just one specific question and would like insight regarding career, a relationship, situation or circumstance, this reading is all you'll need. Tarot images included in report.

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Mini Tarot Reading

This mini reading gives a small review of what's going on in regards to your question. There's not a lot of fluff with this reading but it's accurate, to the point, and cost effective. It also works well as a follow up reading for repeat clients. If you're looking a short analysis of a situation this reading will work just fine. Not to mention, delivery is typically much faster with this distant reading. Tarot images included in report.

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Personal Tarot Profile

Every tarot card is an aspect of us. This is especially true of our personal tarot card, based on our date of birth. Knowing our personal tarot card gives us further insight about ourselves, as well as a better understanding of our individual gifts, inherent talents, life lessons, and  possible challenges. Tarot images included in report.

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Your Tarot Year Report (Birthday Reading)

There is an energetic shift that happens from one birthday to the next. Each Birthday Year has its own spiritual theme, bringing both spiritual blessings, as well as challenges. Knowing what the general them is for the year can help you understand why certain circumstances or situations are coming up for you, as well as insight on how to best address them. Tarot images included in report

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Deluxe Tarot & Numerology Report

This detailed report with images is based on your personal numerology and astrological signs in association with the mystical wisdom Tarot. It includes information regarding your personal attributes, as well as challenges. It includes information regarding the year you're in now and the year you are going into as of your next birthday, while offering advice through the teachings of Tarot.

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