Color Magick Workshop

Color is an important magical correspondence used in the art of spell craft. The variety of applications is vast. Over tens of thousands of years, and across numerous cultures, color has played a role in healing, ritual, tradition, mood enhancement, symbolism, and magick. Using color in magical work empowers spells in a huge way as they can be used to manipulate the potential events and objects. Some Witches even transcribe their spells with colored ink to further imbue their spell with the desired energies. Color plays a large part in the physical and the magical world. It affects the way we feel, the way we act, our decisions, and often, our energy and productivity levels. Colors permeate every moment of our lives, each having its own unique vibration and psychological, therapeutic and magical effect.

In this two hour workshop we will discuss how you can use color a variety of ways such as candles, crystals, fabric, paper, herb pouches, clothing and visualization to enhance your everyday life on a physical and magical level.

Class fees vary depending on the venue. To offer magical workshops from your establishment or special event, please contact Lee Ann via email or call her directly at 336.543.0834For information regarding upcoming classes in area see the Events page on this site.